Bomb Buddies



Bombard your friends into oblivion


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Bomb Buddies is a puzzle and action game in which you'll face off against other players from around the world in duels that require intelligence and agility in equal measure if you want to emerge victorious.

Gameplay is very similar to that of the classic Bomberman in the sense that you move through a scene divided into grids, dropping bombs on any square while also planning your next moves in advance. After all, you might win by putting a bomb in the right square, but you could just as easily end your own life.

Bomb Buddies currently supports up to eight players in its multiplayer. It has three different playing modes and 120 different levels where you can go crazy dropping bombs. In other words, you have more than enough material to keep you entertained for many hours.

Visually, Bomb Buddies is excellent. Its design doesn't require great graphics but it still brings a charming cartoon aesthetic to the board.

Bomb Buddies is a frenetic puzzle game that perfects a familiar gameplay system to make it even more fun.
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